Hangout Fest by the numbers

(image: WPMI) Gulf Shores cleans up after Hangout

Thousands of concertgoers and music lovers have come and and gone as this year's Hangout Music Fest came to close Sunday night.

Some of those folks landed in jail. Police say tight security and a lot planning kept arrests to a minimum. Out of 40,000 people each day the number people arrested was under 100. Police say this was a different crowd. Well behaved and not looking for trouble.

"It really comes down to the line up each year and the following those bands have that's my opinion, this year it was a good all around situation," said Sgt, Jason Woodruff with Gulf Shores Police.

It was a tame crowd compared to other years, the music sometimes makes a difference but so does taking an abundance of precaution.

"We actually brought two police officers and a fire supervisor from Las Vegas here about two weeks before Hangout, just to go through a walkthrough and talk about lessons learned," said Woodruff.

Last year's festival netted more than 100 arrests, this year out of a crowd of over 100,000 over 3 days, there were 79 total arrests.

Out of that, the largest number was for possession of a controlled substance. There were also 10 arrests for public intoxication and only three arrests for underage drinking.


  • 79 - Total Arrests
  • 55 - Drug Possession
  • 10 - Public Intoxication
  • 3- Underage Drinking

Cell phone pickpocketing was again a problem. Officers arrested three people as more than 30 cellphones were taken from people inside the venue.

Police believe the cell phone thefts are part of an organized effort.

Thanks to concert security, police were able to track them down.

"I guess you would say they were able witness a couple situations and they turned out strike teams to that and they made a couple of cases, some good cases," said Woodruff.

This year for the first time metal detectors were used at all the gates All the stolen cell phones have been returned to their owners.

The Hangout has already started selling tickets for next year.

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