Groundbreaking for Buc-ee's convenience store in Baldwin County

Buc-ee's is coming to Baldwin County

A major economic development and job creator is one step closer to reality in Baldwin County.

Groundbreaking has begun for Buc-ee's, a Texas based chain of convenience stores, which is well on its way.

The construction equipment is out and the massive lot at the corner of the Beach Express and County Road 68 will soon have a new business to call it home.

Buc-ee's promises to bring a one of a kind experience to Baldwin County.

"I think it's a great idea for new businesses to come in and to be enticed to want to build a business here, especially with the amount of traffic that comes through this area," said one Baldwin County resident.

The business will bring a massive 55,000 square foot facility, as big as a Walmart, with around 120 gas pumps.

But Chris Elliott, Baldwin County Commissioner, said one of the biggest opportunities for our area will be the the amount of jobs it provides.

"These are well in excess of minimum wage jobs, probably in the $15 to $16 dollar an hour range. There will be probably in excess of a 100 jobs at that one facility which is pretty impressive for a retail gas station," Elliott said.

The new business comes on the heels of the recently opened OWA, which has reportedly been a success along the Beach Express.

There has also been a new gas station built in the median of the highway, close to the Orange Beach toll bridge.

Commissioner Elliott says Bucees will be bring another kind of experience altogether.

"Those who have seen it will understand what it is and those who haven't, just wait because it is a one of a kind experience. It'll be something that will be great for Baldwin County," said Elliott.

Commissioner Elliott said Buc-ee's will likely be constructed and operating by spring or summer of 2019.

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