Government Plaza employees react to elevator free-fall

(img: WPMI) Government Plaza employees react to elevator free-fall

Walk up to the elevators on the north tower of Government Plaza, and you'd have no idea that something happened here yesterday.

But watch them long enough, and you'll notice that elevator car 7 isn't moving.

In fact, it's out of order.

Because Thursday, with 18 people aboard, elevator 7 malfunctioned... plunging from the first floor to the basement, a distance of 10 feet or more... injuring 3 people.

That is NOT the kind of news visitor Rayla Buchannan wants to hear.

"I got trapped in an elevator when I was a toddler, so I've been scared of them, basically, forever," she said. "When I was 3, I got on an elevator and pressed a whole bunch of buttons and something happened and I got stuck for like, 4 hours."

Rayla is NOT a fan of elevators.

So what happened?

It may take a while to figure out. The Mobile County Commission runs Government Plaza, and tells NBC 15 that ThyssenKrupp, who maintains the elevators, came on scene and is running tests to determine and repair the problem.

No problem for county worker Charleigh Coleman. This malfunction, she says, doesn't faze her at all.

"Not at all. I trust our maintenance people to fix it properly," she said.

How much will one of those elevators hold? Well, it's plainly printer on the wall of this car,

The limit is 35 hundred pounds or 10 people.

Remember, there were 18 people on board when the elevator fell. And while 3 were injured, they were able to walk out of the elevator to seek medical help.

But no one will be getting back on right now. The country tells me this car stays put until inspectors make another visit next week.

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