Gov. Ivey touts Memorial Preservation Act in Baldwin County tour stop, commercial

(WPMI) Gov. Ivey makes campaign stop in Baldwin County

"Alabama doesn't need "Folks in Washington" or "out-of-state liberals" telling us what to do."

That's the theme of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's latest campaign ad, which begins to air all across the state this week. The Republican front runner for Governor isn't backing down as her campaign defends the "Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017"which protects Confederate statues and monuments.

The Governor, on a whirlwind campaign tour, was in Foley today. She defended a new campaign ad released today that touts"the Preservation Act of 2017," which the Governor signed into law less than 11 months ago.

"And we can't and shouldn’t even try to change or erase or tear down our history we must learn from our history," said Ivey

In the 30 second ad, the Governor says. "It's politically correct nonsense I say, when special interests wanted to tear down our historical monuments I said "no."

Some argue most Confederate monuments were put in place at the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 50's and mid 60's, therefore history is not a reason to keep them.

We showed the Governor's campaign ad to Baldwin County NAACP President Alec Barnett.

"If you say it's your heritage then take it down and put it in a museum where everybody that wants to see it can go see it. But if you are spending our money as a taxpayer for the upkeep of a state, federal or county or city building, well we don’t want this. We want our money to be spent somewhere else," said Barnett.

"We don't need folks in Washington or out of state liberals telling us what to do in Alabama," said Ivey.

Ivey, in her campaign ad, criticized outsiders for pushing an agenda on the state. Right now the law is being challenged in Jefferson County.

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