George County, Mississippi storm rescue aftermath


Rising floodwaters engulfed a Gulf Coast campground stranding nearly 100 people, but now new concerns are imminent as nearby rivers continue to rise.

And so is the concern for the 80 people who escaped Red Creek Off Road Campground.

Leonardo Oliveiras and his friends are safe, but they have thousands of dollars worth of property stranded at the campground.

They were there for a a large event called Mudbug Bash over the weekend.

They say the campground gave event-goers no warning they were in danger despite multiple flood and weather warnings from emergency officials.

George County EMA Director Nancy Smith estimates that more than 9 inches of rain fell over the weekend allowing only boats to reach the campground and making the rescue and all-day affair.

Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Authorities do say the owner of the campground could face criminal charges.

As event-goers, like Leonardo and his friends continue to wait for the water to go back down.

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