Funeral held for father and daughters killed in Eight Mile house fire

    Visitation held for father and daughters killed in Eight Mile house fire (IMG:WPMI)

    A heartbreaking day as a mother buries her husband and two daughters killed in an Eight Mile house fire.

    Family and friends said it just doesn't seem real. Avriana Hughes's family woke up to a heart dropping situation; Their house was up in flames. A blazing grease fire spread across the house before everyone could make it out. Sadly, Michael Allen and his two step-daughters, Maynora and Nahriah Hughes died.

    "When the house had caught on fire I didn't think anything about it and then the next day when I woke up I was crying real bad because I missed my sisters. It just don't seem real because just Saturday we were all together. We went to the game, and when I woke up the next day they weren't there. It made me feel sad because I feel like I could've did so much to help them get out and I just didn't do it," said Hughes.

    "It's been a terrible time and my thoughts and prayers are with Aylesha Allen and the Hughes family. I had to bury my daughter last year and I know what she is going through. It's hard, it's very hard and no words can describe it," said family friend Erica McMillian.

    Today at the funeral service sister Avriana had a smile on her face.

    "The blankets and the flowers and the pictures were beautiful," Hughes said.

    "It just won't be the same, but I know that it's going to be alright. They are going to forever live on because every time I think about them it's like a gap in our family that can never be filled in," Hughes adds.

    Avriana says she'll cherish all of their memories.

    "We used to fight over who was going to sit in the front seat and stuff like that and I just miss them," Hughes said.

    She's missing them, but she has comfort in knowing her sisters and step dad are resting in peace.

    "They are in a better place looking down on me and I don't have to cry anymore," said Hughes.

    "They are in heaven with God," said McMillian.

    The family also lost everything in their home. Prichard Fire Department is selling t-shirts to support them and donations such as personal items and clothing are still being accepted to help the family.

    Both girls attended Blount High School where a vigil was held this past week.

    During the funeral, a meaningful gesture from the school where Maynora Hughes had earned a full academic scholarship, Alabama State University. State representative Napoleon Bracy presented the family with a framed scholarship as well as a letter from the university president and board of trustees.

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