Fulton flooding: What can be done?

    (image: WPMI) Fulton flooding: What can be done?

    Raging water, more like rapids than what's usually a docile creek.

    There's a pole mill in Fulton, where power poles are made.

    In April, dozens came loose, and the water turned them into weapons.

    "I think them logs have something to do with it,” a resident told us in December.

    Some Fulton residents think the pole plant could be impacting flooding.

    We took that question to EMA director Roy Waite.

    "There are some theories that could have contributed to it. Did it cause the flooding? No, but was it a contributing factor, possibly,” said Waite.

    Southern Engineering Solutions presented their preliminary findings to town residents last week.

    Soil erosion, especially around the creek, silting in the creek, and historic rainfall were the preliminary factors.

    "It's been bad, we've had a lot of water. It’s overtaken us,” said Fulton Mayor Mike Norris.

    It was flooding like they hadn't seen in decades.

    "It was 1979 when we had the last flooding,” Waite said,

    The engineers determined the April flooding was a "100 year" flooding event.

    “We had a tremendous amount of rainfall over days and weeks prior to and during that time, and we had some true flash flooding,” said Waite.

    That much rain became the perfect storm, pushing the water into Fulton homes.

    Since there already has been clear-cutting of trees, there is a plan to help prevent future flooding.

    “Some of the industries building in that area that has already been clear cut have plans to put in retaining ponds, so that will help,” said Waite.

    And the poll mill is in mediation to do whatever they can to help prevent poles from flowing down the creek ever again.

    And good news a new fire station is in the works and will open in just a few weeks.

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