From 99 years old to 10 months, everyone loves Mardi Gras

(IMG:WPMI) From 99 years old to 10 months, everyone loves Mardi Gras

Spanish Plaza is known for a fun family atmosphere on Fat Tuesday. NBC 15 News met with several families who claimed a prime spot in the Plaza during parade festivities.

From 10-month-old Willow to 99-year-old Ms. Martha, there’s no reveler too young or too old to celebrate Mardi Gras in Mobile.

Ms. Martha, 99-years-old: “I love Mardi Gras,” Ms. Martha said. “My favorite part is this, standing here and seeing how many people feel the same way I do.”

Mardi Gras unites the Mobile community with visitors from far and wide wanting a piece of the action and moon pies.

“I came from Indianapolis Indiana, and I brought my friend from Philadelphia so she can come for Mobile Mardi Gras,” said parade attendee Emily, adding, “I love Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama because it’s for family!"

Parade goers say there’s something to love for every loved one.

“We love Mardi Gras because it’s so family oriented,” the McFadden family said.

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