Baldwin Co. deputies investigate rash of anti-Trump vandalism


Outspoken Trump supporters in one local neighborhood were targeted by vandals overnight. Cars and homes spray painted at the Sweetgum Village Subdivision in Foley.

Vandals used two different kinds of paint. The fake snow spray comes off easily but the spray paint neighbors say won't come out. Folks in this neighborhood woke up to eight homes, six vehicles all vandalized.

Vulgar words spray painted on at least six cars in this neighborhood. Some followed by the name "Trump." "I wish he could hear about this that somebody went after his good name but it doesn't peel," said Dan Teele who had just come back from a long haul for his church delivering aid packages to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

"They don't know any better and they don’t realize they don’t realize the country that we have. The blessings that we have. We live in America," said Teele.

On one car the vandals used fake snow spray. Barbara Wolfe was able to wash it off, but she's still upset.

"Someone else said it took them $200 to get the paint cleaned off and we haven’t seen the final effects so I don’t know if it really came off, " said Wolfe.

Front doors were also spray painted. Each one of these homes at one time had "Trump" campaign signs leading up to the election. "It very sad that a lot of people can’t express how they feel about Trump in posting their signs and stickers. Especially it taking place during the holiday season this year it’s very heartbreaking," said Christine Phillips who is visiting with her parents for the holidays.

An Elberta police officer's cruiser was also vandalized. Vulgar words followed by the word "pig" were

spray painted on the officer's car. The Baldwin County Sheriff's office is investigating.

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