Frequent flooding in Midtown Mobile has residents concerned


Parts of Midtown Mobile were under water Saturday.

"I would love Ann Street to be safer," said Julianne McBay.

The entire road was flooded Saturday and you could see cars cautiously driving through the middle lane.

The water pounded against the sidewalk, creeping into neighboring yards.

"Often times there is a wake in my walkway to my house," said McBay.

"We are not in a flood zone. I have checked that out, but a lot of people have got flood insurance simply because the drainage system is not capable of handling the amount of water that comes down rapidly," said McBay.

Residents say it's an ongoing issue.

"When you turn the street you can literally see the water, but you really can't tell how deep it is until you step foot in it. But it's really dangerous for kids," said one resident who did not want to be on camera.

She said Lefevre Street was also covered in water so deep it almost pulled under her 2-year-old granddaughter.

"We didn't realize the water was that deep and when she went to step out (of) the truck, she fell on the ground because the water was so high on her, because she is 2," she added.

It's a danger to the community.

"You completely lose the sidewalk," said McBay. "I've seen cars rip their front end off, their back end off. I've seen cars flooded out."

Last year the city repaved Ann Street, but McBay said that didn't stop the flooding.

"It was a band-aid for the problem," said McBay. "It really didn't solve the problem, because the problem is -- we needed a new street and we needed new infrastructure for the sewer to get rid of the water”

Residents tell NBC 15 they have contacted Councilman Levon Manzie's office and haven't gotten a response, but hope to have something done soon. Mayor Stimpson says it's just phase one of a large project.

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