FBI 'bridges the gap' with Baker High students amidst countrywide school threats

(IMG:WPMI) FBI 'bridges the gap' with Baker High students amidst countrywide school threats

The school security debate is raging as many students across the country say they just don't feel safe. Tuesday, agents from the Mobile FBI office went into a local school to help calm those fears and work to restore a sense of security.

It's called "Bridging The Gap," and it opens conversations between students and law enforcement before these tragedies begin.

"DON'T DO IT!" - A strong message from FBI to students at Baker High.

Agents used real world examples to explain how students should react to threats and interact with law enforcement.

"It was really helpful and it just like told us what to do during a procedure that needs to be done," said Tyler Jones, 9th grader at BHS.

Assistant Special Agent Bret Kirby said having open dialogue with students can build valuable relationships at a time when people across the county are concerned about student safety.

"We've got sixteen and seventeen-year-olds carrying guns, going into schools, killing their classmates," said Kirby.

The students told NBC15 News they learned the right and wrong way to interact with law enforcement and how they can help spot and prevent trouble.

"Social media does a lot of things around here. There's always, not really always, but sometimes there's just always a lot of things happening, and it happens from social media,” Ramiyah Podue, 9th grader at BHS.

The message agents want students to understand is they are here to help anytime.

"Whether it's packages or something like that, if you see something that you believe to be suspicious, if one of your classmates says something that you think may insinuate some type of threat, let someone know," said Assistant Special Agent Bret Kirby.

"Bridging The Gap" started in Mobile and has since spread to all 56 FBI field offices across the nation.

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