Family demands justice for fatal police shooting

Family demands justice for fatal police shooting (WPMI)

Dozens marched through the streets of Prichard today demanding accountability in the shooting death of Lawrence Hawkins, a 56-year-old man who was shot by a Prichard police officer last month.

It was a peaceful march. Family and friends walked from St. Stephens Road to the home where Hawkins was killed. He was shot and killed in his front yard on November 18.

Prichard Police say Officer Johnathon Murphy is the officer who shot Hawkins. Murphy is now on paid administrative leave. He is cooperating with detectives as the Mobile County Sheriff's office continues to look into how and why this all happened. There have been no updates so far.

The victim's brother, Roy Hawkins, says all they've been told is the officer pursued Hawkins for a traffic violation.

"If he did a traffic violation I think he needed to get a ticket but as far as dying for a traffic violation - no."

The crowd gathered here today is looking for answers. Friends say Hawkins was a standup guy who would do anything for anyone. "He took care of older people, paid his bills, he cut people's grass, multiple things, you know he was outstanding," said Valentino Arso.

The gathering also caught the attention of the local NAACP. "Here today everybody coming together and asking and begging for justice," said Darlene Gay - Allen with the Prichard NAACP.

A spokesperson with the Sheriff's Office tell NBC 15 News they've disclosed all the evidence in this case with the Hawkins family. Once the investigation is complete, the spokesperson says, the case will be

turned over to the Mobile County District Attorney's Office.

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