Two more long-time Fairhope employees fired, Mayor Wilson says she's not to blame

    Two more Fairhope city employees were fire Friday, March 10. Addressing rumors that she had fired these two employees, Mayor Karin Wilson said on a post on her Facebook page, I did not fire two more employees, I do not even know these two particular men. This was a supervisor decision."

    The two employees fired are John Reed and Eddie Greg. John Reed has been with the city's water department for 22 years. Eddie Greg was a mechanic in the city's mechanic shop for more than 10 years. The reason for the firings has not yet been given.

    Mayor Karin Wilson was under fire in February for firing two city employees, Sherry Sullivan and Jennifer Fidler last month. Sullivan ran the James P. Nix Senior Activity Center and Fidler looked over public works, including the downtown flowers. At the time Mayor Wilson was being accused of "creating overpaid positions for her friends and pushing out current employees to make room for more friends."

    After Sullivan and Fidler were fired, the Fairhope City Council voted unanimously to impose a 60-day hiring freeze on city Mayor Karin Wilson. Discussing the hiring freeze Mayor Wilson said, "I put a lot of thought in my decisions and I engage the people it is going to be affecting. The two that were fired, that wasn't something planned. It's time to not look back on all the things that could've or would've happened. We have to look right now at what's going to be best to move our city forward."

    According to Wilson, attorneys she met with agreed that the council's actions were unlawful and cited a prior supreme court decision in another municipality. Wilson asked the council to work with her to make the city successful as well as added that the freeze is detrimental and would cripple the city.

    Mayor Wilson was sworn in as Fairhope's first female mayor in November 2016, making Mayor Wilson only the city's third mayor.

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