Fairhope Brewing begins canning operation

Fairhope Brewing begins canning operation (img: Fairhope Brewing)

The folks at Fairhope Brewing Company are growing once again, as the craft brewing movement also continues to grow across Alabama.

Fairhope Brewery was the first local beer to go regional and, as of today, it will be switching from bottles to cans.

The sound and chatter of canning will be coming from the Fairhope Brewery on Nichols Street.

The new machines installed this week will can 60 cans per minute, that's almost double the output of bottling the beer.

With this much canning, the goal is to crank out 400 cases of beer everyday.

This major expansion for the local brewery is to keep up with demand of cans over bottles.

Managing partner Brain Kane says the Gulf Coast market, and it's outdoor lifestyle, demanded the change.

"The environmental impacts of cans are way better, recycling the cans, also in our area around the water, between boats, beaches and golf courses, there are a lot of places where cans find their way that bottles don't. That was another important factor that opened some doors for us," said Kane.

Locals who love the beer say they knew the change was coming.

"Its kind of neat too, that it's your hometown and you can say 'Hey this is where I live'," said Bob Legge of Fairhope.

"The number one decision we always look is what is best for the beer. The beer in can has no exposure to light and no oxygen can get into the can so the beer stays fresher longer and its the best way for beer to be contained," said Kane.

For beer lovers, the beer run just got a lot easier.

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