Exclusive: Surveillance video may show missing Mobile mother

    [NOTE: NBC 15 has removed the surveillance video at the request of Mobile Police]

    Surveillance video obtained by NBC 15 News shows what could possibly be the last time missing Mobile mother Danniella Vian was seen.

    It was captured by a camera at the Shell gas station on Government Blvd. near 1-65.

    The time stamped video shows what appears to be two cars pulling into the parking lot at 11:05 pm on July 17th.

    Two minutes later, one car appears to leave. The other car stays. At 11:08, another car pulls in and both cars stay parked until 11:24 when they both leave.

    Family members say Vian and a friend were traveling in different cars, and Vian flagged down that friend by flashing her lights when she realized she didn’t have her cell phone with her.

    The friends had been at Dublin’s bar on Old Shell Road, and we’re heading to another location.

    Family members say they pulled off at that Shell station to look for the phone and decided to head back to Dublin’s to look there when they didn’t immediately find it.

    The friend told family members he last saw Vian get in her car to follow him back to the bar and assumed she was driving behind him.

    Vian was driving a blue 2014 Chevy Cruz she had bought that day. Vian and the car have not been seen since last Tuesday night.

    The search for Danniella Vian is not a homicide investigation. It is a missing persons case assigned to homicide detectives. MPD tells us the Homicide Dept. have a lower caseload than the actual Missing Persons division, so homicide investigators currently have the case.

    Vian has a 4-year-old little girl. Relatives of the child’s father, Vian’s ex-boyfriend Tyler Thomas, are planning a candlelight vigil at Medal of Honor Park Friday at 7:30pm.

    Mobile Police have a team of investigators hoping to find this Mobile mother as soon as possible.

    “The sooner you can start working on it, the better, because as the case lingers on, it gets stale,” Mobile Police’s Corporal LaDerrick DuBose said, adding “Right now it’s a high priority case.”

    Cpl. DuBose says any information, no matter how small it seem, may help police find and save Vian’s life.

    “Something that a camera didn't pick up, something that somebody didn't see that thought later on, ‘You know what, I do remember seeing this,’” Cpl. DuBose said, adding “If you see anything or know anything it doesn’t hurt to give a call.”

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