Exclusive: Owner of pitbull shot and killed in Mobile drug bust speaks out


Mobile Police report 11 alleged drug dealers are off the streets Friday night. The arrests were part of the Mobile Police Department's operation "Winter Storm."

NBC 15 News was there as chaos unfolded after a Mobile Police officer shot himself and suspects were arrested one by one.

The Chief of Police said the officer shot a Pitbull that was attacking him and in the process shot himself as well.

The sound of these gunshots brought both police and dog owner, Laverne Robinson running.

"I'm in the hallway like hold up," Robinson said.

Robinson exclusively told NBC 15 News her side of the drug bust story inside of her home, where her dog Coco was shot and killed.

“I was in my room watching TV, folding up clothes, next thing I knew I just heard gunshots,” Robinson said, adding “First thing I do is just get on the floor like damn someone's coming in."

She says seconds after, the sight of her dog CoCo changed her demeanor from panic to complete heartache.

"She was standing there dying,” Robinson said, adding “Her puppies were still trying to feed off of her while she was, she was dying."

Police say they were after someone who lives in Robinson's home, but were instead greeted by an aggressive dog when they barged in.

"In this particular case, the officer felt like his like was threatened so he executed and discharged his weapon accordingly," Mobile Police Department’s Chief Battiste said.

While firing at Coco, the officer also shot himself. Chief Battiste says the officer is now home recovering. However, Coco was pronounced dead on scene.

"If they would have come to the front and knocked at the door, or just made some noise, I could get her and keep from killing her. My dog has seven puppies,” Robinson said.

Robinson said the seven puppies, plus two more of her dogs, were also taken away in the process of today's investigation. She tells NBC 15, she feels the entire situation seems wrong.

"Why, if I'm not being arrested, why are ya'll taking my dog," Robinson said.

When NBC 15 asked why the additional dogs were seized, MPD's public information officer reported that, initially, they thought that the officer had been bitten, so they wanted to get the dogs properly checked for rabies.

Additionally, they did it so they could thoroughly process the scene

Officials tell NBC 15 the dogs will be released back to the owner and the police department is checking over every move that was made.

"We will evaluate, once we complete our investigation, whether or not we followed our policy as it relates to firing on animals,” Chief Battiste said, adding “We'll also look at see we followed our policy as it relates to proper execution of search warrants."

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