EXCLUSIVE – A Bay Minette robbery victim faced an unbelievable 24 hours.


The old saying goes all bad things happen in threes - Jarrad Joiner hopes that's true because he can't handle anything else.

"I mean when it rains it pours," the robbery victim said.

Joiner’s wave of bad luck started with a quick trip to Walmart where the 21-year-old spotted thieves robbing his car.

“It took me about a second to realize what was happening and then I chased after them,” Joiner said, adding “I made it to the vehicle and they were backing up."

Joiner’s wife Emily watched as Jarrad got swept up in the steel doorframe of the criminal’s getaway car.

“I saw his hat under the vehicle and I thought he's getting run over," she said.

Bruised and left without his pistol and phone, Joiner thought things couldn't get worse. However, he was wrong.

The next day, he Joiner worked with police to catch the thieves and get his gun back. After dealing with all of that, Joiner says he was 30 minutes late to work for Mood'y s Electric.

“When I showed up late, they essentially turned me around at the gate and told me I was no longer employed,” Joiner said adding, “I explained to them what happened and they said they already knew, they'd seen it on Facebook. I thought it was very poor morals. Even though I reckon they were in the right to fire me, I feel like I had a plausible excuse to be late to work "

To make a bad day even worse, Joiners said, on his way home from being fired, another man tried to steal his wallet at a gas stop.

“In 24 hours, I was robbed of my pistols my cell phone, was fired from work, I almost got ran over and I had an attempted robbery in a bathroom at the gas station."

NBC 15 reached out to Moody's electric for comment. They still have not returned our calls. However, Joiner did say employers told him attendance was the reason for losing his job and he had been tardy before this incident. Joiner says every time he was tardy in the past, he made sure to call his boss and notify him.

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