Fallen officer's escort to funeral home brings community together

(IMAGE: WPMI) Fallen officer's escort to funeral home brings community together

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It was a very emotional event as hundreds of people lined the street outside of the funeral home where Officer Sean Tuder will be laid to rest.

Everyone was quiet and held their hands over their hearts as the ambulance carrying the body of the officer passed by. Many people also saluted the procession. The funeral home was adorned with blue ribbons and lights and many people carried American flags to support the fallen officer, several community members telling us that it was important for the community to come out and show law enforcement they have their support... especially in a moment where an ambulance carried a murdered officer to his final resting place.

Jada Hosea came with family.

“I was happy that the community came together and for such a tragic incident this is very sad of what happened of officers trying to help. I’m glad the community came together.”

There will be another opportunity for the public to show their support for the officer’s family and the police department when his funeral occurs.

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