Efforts to get African American voters to the polls paid off for Doug Jones

(image: MGN) Efforts to get African American voters to the polls paid off for Doug Jones

U.S. senate elect Doug Jones won big with the African American vote.

According to the Washington post Jones got 96% of the African American vote.

93% of the men voted for him.

African American women led the vote at 98%

DeJuana Thompson helped organize a program called “Woke Vote.”

Organizers targeted hundreds of African American churches, businesses and college students at HBCUs (Historically Black College & Universities) statewide.

“We’re talking about making sure that every HBCU had a campus coordinator,” Thompson said. “We gave them buttons T-shirt’s some of the students did a study Jam for “Woke Vote” and they brought in people and they had to commit to vote when they came in the door.”

Other group partners also made a push to get votes from those in jail.

“We got over 3000 absentee ballots from inmates who still had the right to vote,” she said.

It’s an effort Doug Jones acknowledges.

“It’s all of those volunteers who knocked on 300,000 doors,” he said at last night’s watch party. “It’s the volunteers who made 1.2 million phone calls around this state.”

Thompson says the program wasn’t about Jones or Moore. Getting the African American community to vote was about black pride and having a voice.

“You’re not asking them to vote for a Candidate you’re asking them to participate,” she said. “They know what’s best for their communities. I think that black people in the state of Alabama made a very clear statement last night that Roy Moore was not what was best for our communities.”

Organizers say the “Woke Vote” program will continue year-round.

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