Authorities confirm drowning on Fort Morgan Road

Authorities confirm drowning on Fort Morgan Road (IMG:WPMI)

A swimmer again fell victim to the unprotected waters along Fort Morgan.

Witnesses say a woman who appeared to be in her mid 50's drowned this morning shortly after 11am near Gulf Wind Court.

The Baldwin County Sheriff's office confirmed the drowning.

The drowning took place under yellow flags - moderate conditions along the Gulf today. It's a devastating reminder to everyone that the Gulf under any conditions can be dangerous, especially if you are not a strong swimmer.

Today's drowning took place not far from where new warning signs are now posted. The signs were paid for and placed here by the Baldwin County Commission and the county's Emergency Management Agency earlier this Summer.

"When people come on holiday or vacation, I'm not sure they are inclined to read signs, but it,s a good effort," said visitor Peter Calandruccio.

Even a beach with life guards and a flag system can still be dangerous.

"If you are a "none" swimmer or have poor swimming abilities, it's always a red flag day and you should treat the open water as such, so that's the biggest thing we run into are people that do not have strong swimming abilities coming out here on a day like today and getting in trouble," said Melvin Shepard with the City of Gulf Shores beach safety.

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