Do you know where to vote? How sure are you?

(image: WPMI) Do you know where to vote? How sure are you?

Probate Judge Don Davis wants to make sure that people voting in the election are voting in the right place. About six years ago, postcard mailers subcontracted out by the Mobile Press Register went out with incorrect addresses, affecting more than 20,000 people. Probate Judge Don Davis says the paper didn’t have permission to subcontract out, and it was quite the debacle. That postcard pickle had lingering effects over the last several years with people concerned about where to vote.

The best suggestion is to look it up in the Mobile Probate Court Office website or on before you head to the booth June 5. That way you’ll know where you’re going is the correct polling place. If you end up at the wrong one and vote, your vote may not count.

If you are intentionally going to the wrong location and you’ve moved, you are committing a crime.

It’s especially important to vote where you live because you’re voting for the people who will represent where you live. Even some people who live in the same general area might be in different districts, so don’t assume your polling place is the right one before checking.

The last day to update voter registration information for the June primary election is Monday, May 21st.

Another thing to note: the postcards you got this year have the wrong phone number for absentee ballots on them. Call 574-6400, not 547-6400 as listed.

The probate court said that typo is causing dozens of calls to the wrong number, so let your fellow voter know about the error.




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