Disgraced beauty queen blames Local 15 News reports for costing her Mobile police job

Mobile police hired a disgraced beauty queen who lost her crown after an assault conviction, but after our report aired, Mobile police did not let her graduate from the academy last month.

Daniela Gaskie plead guilty to assault in Kentucky in 2010 after she attacked a gas station clerk and a pharmacist across the street in a drunken rage.

Gaskie is now talking to Local 15 news, saying “You guys cost me my job. I finished everything, busted my butt and at the academy for my family, and to make something better of myself for what? For it to be taken away from not just me, but my family." and blamed our coverage of her hiring for the dismissal. She says police gave her no reason for the dismissal.

Mobile police this week said that’s not true; she was in her probationary period and due to legal reasons they can not say exactly why she was terminated.

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