DeMarcus Cousins treats 100 Mobile kids to shopping spree


Golden State Warrior and Mobile-native DeMarcus Cousins brought Christmas cheer as Santa Cuz with a Holiday Shopping Spree for 100 local youth on Saturday.

Each child was chosen from five local elementary schools to take part. All received the “Puma Jet” Puma duffel bag, Puma backpack, Puma wardrobe and was then taken to Target where volunteers helped the kids spend their $200 Target gift card on whatever else they wanted.

"I can only imagine being in their shoes," Cousins told NBC 15. "Seeing a 7-foot man walking up to them"

Well, that 7-foot Santa brought lots of smiles to the local boys and girls, some who spent their money on others like brothers and sisters and some who spent it for a few things they wanted.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson said that 'Boogie' set an example, not just for the children, but believes that Cousins 'sets a standard' for other professional athletes and others from the area when it comes to giving back -- and not just during the holidays.

"Some of them are probably too young other than having photographs of it, there are some of them old enough that will always remember this. It’s a great moment. Great moment for the children, for DeMarcus and for the community." Stimpson said. "We have a lot of professional athletes, several who give back every year – but I think he’s setting a new standard for trying to give back to those maybe in the most need. It’s a game changer."

In the end, the Golden State Warrior says he knows what it's like to be a child in the Mobile area without a big Christmas. He emphasized that the event was not about what he was giving, but the children and the joy it gives him to see the smiles on their faces.

"Those faces compared to just receiving gifts, just feeling the love in the room that’s more important to me." Cousins smiles. "I’m happy I can do my part."


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