Dauphin Island prepares for Tropical Storm Gordon

(IMG: WPMI) Dauphin Island prepares for Tropical Storm Gordon

Less than a year ago, Dauphin Island saw its fair share of damage from Hurricane Nate.

The Category 1 hurricane caused waves to crash across the roadway, bringing logs and debris with it.

NBC 15's Rachael Wilkerson went to Dauphin Island Monday to see how they're preparing ahead of Tropical Storm Gordon.

Mayor Jeff Collier says sandbags will be available at the Public Works Department Tuesday morning. Trash containers need to be secured as soon as possible and all vehicles should be moved to higher ground. Collier also reports Dauphin Island Water & Sewer may cut water service to parts of the west end of the island.

Town Hall will be open on Tuesday until weather conditions warrant closing. Town Council meeting Tuesday night will likely be cancelled. That decision will be made Tuesday.

The Dauphin Island ferry to Fort Morgan has been suspended until further notice.

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