Daphne road rage suspect back in jail after police department employee complaint

    (IMG: WPMI) Daphne road rage suspect back in jail after police department employee complaint

    A Daphne road rage suspect out on bond is back behind bars after another complaint from a driver; this time the witness turned out to be an employee at the police department.

    Delwin Knight, 37, turned himself in to Daphne police Wednesday morning to face an additional charge of reckless endangerment.

    Police said Knight passed a vehicle on Highway 181 on Monday, March 4, and while making obscene gestures at the driver, he nearly caused an accident.

    The motorist happened to be an employee at the Daphne Police Department, according to investigators.

    The latest arrest brings Knight up to a total of 10 charges for reckless endangerment and harassment.

    Knight was first arrested on February 21, after police said he was involved in at least 9 cases of severe road rage, some of which were caught on cell phone video.

    NBC 15's cameras were rolling as Knight attempted to explain himself during his arrest less than 3 weeks ago. He bonded out just hours later.

    "It's just road rage. These folks say I’m harassing them but it’s just road rage. I didn’t harass no one. I probably harassed one person out of the whole eight," said Knight, "I'm going to do the right thing. I'm not no bad person. You can look at my record."

    According to police, additional eyewitness videos show Knight has a habit of harassing Eastern Shore motorists.

    Knight's bond has since been revoked. That's good news to Fairhope mother Madison Knight.

    "It's all too common to see people get away with stuff like that. It's a little scary, especially being a woman out here. I'm glad they got him," said Madison Knight.

    Knight will be held in jail until his court date on Tuesday, March 19.

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