Daphne drivers targeted by rock-throwing juveniles


Drivers are issuing a safety alert for anyone traveling on Daphne roads after several cars were targeted by rock throwing juveniles.

Daphne Police say juveniles have thrown rocks at a number of vehicles driving through the Lake Forest subdivision.

It's a terrifying thought for any driver, especially for a parent with a child in the vehicle.

One woman told NBC 15 she was driving near the intersection of Ridgewood Drive and Lawson Road in Lake Forest earlier this week when she became the latest victim.

She declined to comment on camera but said someone threw a large rock as she was passing by. The projectile hit just below the passenger side window where her young daughter was sitting.

William Lange, owner of Bay Auto Glass in Daphne, said it was a close call which could've been much worse.

"I've seen small, small pieces of pebble thrown at glass and it just blows up," said Lange.

Lange said the combination of the car's tempered glass and the movement of the vehicle could have easily created a dangerous situation.

"If you're driving down the road and you're not expecting your door glass to get bashed in. All of a sudden, it happens and glass flies everywhere. It could easily cut you or get into your eyes," Lange said.

Investigators said what the mom experienced isn't an isolated incident.

According to police, Other cars in the area have also been damaged by thrown rocks and a juvenile is involved.

Lange says while glass might be the most immediate danger, losing control of the vehicle could be the most frightening thing.

"It's like a gunshot going off. It's not just the glass coming in but the sound that's so loud. It scares people pretty bad," said Lange.

As for the youngsters involved in these crimes, police said the case is closed. However, they've declined to tell NBC 15 whether the suspect or suspects were arrested.

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