Dangerous cold today and tonight

(image: WPMI) Dangerous cold today and tonight

Mobile Regional Airport officially recorded 0.1” snowfall (more freezing rain and sleet) last night. Remembering the snowfall from Dec 8-9, and for only the 2nd time recorded history, Mobile received two snowfalls during the winter. The only other time this has happened, 1977.

And winter isn’t over yet - Will we do it an unprecedented 3rd time???

A mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow last night left area roads icy and dangerous, please don't travel today unless it's necessary. Conditions will slowly improve during the afternoon with melting and evaporation, but any left-over water will rapidly re-freeze after sunset so please beware of black ice.

Despite sunny skies, temperatures will only climb into the middle 30s this afternoon. We’re in for another Hard Freeze tonight (and possibly Thursday night as well) as temperatures tumble into the teens and 20s, so please remember the 3 P's: plants, pets, and pipes. Hang in there, this bout of bitterly cold weather will not last long. Highs in the upper 40s on Thursday will climb into the middle 50s on Friday afternoon. And the weekend appears even warmer with 70s possible on Sunday.

Mardi Gras Parade Forecast: The next Mardi Gras parade of the season is Saturday, January 20th. The Dauphin Island People’s Parade gets rolling at 1 pm and the outlook is for warmer weather with temperatures in the mid 60s and partly cloudy skies.

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