Cyber-bullying disguised as internet game Momo Challenge

(IMAGE: NBC) Cyber-bullying disguised as Momo Challenge

There’s a new form of cyber-bullying spreading across social media and cell phones targeting young kids and teens.

Have you heard of the Momo Challenge?

It’s a game that’s alarming parents.

The game threatens kids and teens with violence if they don’t commit potentially dangerous activities.

This online bullying method has made its way through Facebook and WhatsApp.

The messages tell the user to do things, some simple, some more violent.

They say you need to show photo proof that you did it, or kids are told Momo will kill them.

A couple suicides in other countries have reportedly been linked to momo, with her avatar being very frightening.

Dr. Meghan Walls, Pediatric Psychologist suggests parents gently ask their younger children if they know about the “Momo Challenge”.

"Something like ya know there's some scary things that pop up on phones and tablets and if you ever see something like that come get me," said said.

And for your older kids? Maybe get them to promise they’ll talk to you about the momo challenge. If it’s sent to them. Let them know this is cyber bullying, it’s potentially dangerous, and that you’re trusting them to let you know what’s going on.

"Especially as kids get older and they are teenagers they want some of that autonomy, and they deserve it as long as they can show you they're responsible enough," said Dr. Walls.

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