Crime alert for South Alabama students

(img: WPMI) Crime alert for South Alabama students

Brazen burglars, possibly armed with a master key to an apartment complex, hit at least one apartment across the street from campus Saturday. The shameless swindlers were caught on camera walking out with Hallie White's tv's in the middle of the day, and they made multiple trips.

"At least four or five bottle of perfume, $80 face cream," said White.

White says they'd been in her apartment before for legitimate reasons. She says they were painters hired by the District at South apartment complex.

"They were hired by vendors of the apartment to paint the bedrooms to get ready for the new move ins," said White.

While they should have been painting, White says what they were really doing was casing the place, looking for things like her Louis Vuitton bags to steal.

"All the material things can be replaced, but it's the idea someone has been in my home. It's scary," said White.

White can't stop thinking about the what if's. What if she'd walked in on the thieves Saturday? What if they come back?

"The last couple of nights I've been up until two and three in the morning scared. What if something happens again?" said White.

Police say since May there have been three burglaries and four thefts reported at the complex. It's unclear if any of the other incidents are connected to the pilferers posing as painters.

White says property management has promised to cover all her losses. We reached out to the management at the privately-owned apartment complex but did not hear back. Police say the thieves were sub-contractors and have not been arrested yet.

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