Could AM-NS Calvert unionize?

    Could AM-NS unionize? (img: WPMI)

    More than 2500 employees work at AM-NS in Calvert, Alabama, known better to locals at the former TK steel mill.

    Attempts to unionize have some employees concerned they lose their jobs.

    The push to unionize is reportedly over money, including retirement benefits.

    United Steelworkers has been on site since early January lobbying employees to sign union cards; if enough cards are signed, they’ll be unionized. Anti-unionizers want to force a secret ballot vote.

    David Whigham has worked there for five years and doesn’t support a union. "AMNS is a good company, and it's paying a lot of tax dollars around here, and if the union comes in, we don't want our mill to go idle,” said Whigham.

    There are signs on Highway 43 against the union and some employees have also started wearing anti-union stickers.

    Congressman Bradley Byrne also said he’s against the union at the steel mill during our exclusive Connect to Congress interview.

    "We brought all these new businesses into our area because we aren't a unionized area,” he said.

    He hopes employees vote against it.

    No vote is currently on the table, but the push from United Steelworkers to her employees to sign union cards is ongoing.

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