Contested gun range could still come to Tanner Williams

(img: WPMI) Contested gun range could still come to Tanner Williams

There could be dirt moving on a plot of land in the Tanner Williams/Novatan Road area in just a few weeks, neighbors have been told.

A proposed gun-range was met with heavy resistance at a community meeting back in late April, that meeting called by co-range business owner Jeff Stone.

Stone attempted to explain safety measures and other concerns that neighbors had, but ultimately ended up deciding to move the range.

Or so he said, and with a caveat.

Stone said if he had “help,” he would relocate the range.

By help, he was asking for another plot to move the range to.

Neighbors say that over the past three months, they have had at least two realtors offer assistance and other suggestions.

Stone would not comment on the record to NBC 15 today.

Neighbors though, say he has not been receptive to their suggestions.

Today, they said they are wary of the range resurfacing and have even heard gunshots lately coming from that land, which borders several homes.

Hunter Sheppard and others have vowed to fight the proposed range even if it means going to court.

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