Congressman Byrne reacts to crude Trump comments

Congressman Bradley Byrne speaks in Robertsdale, calls reaction to Trump comments "a distraction" (Image: WPMI)

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WPMI) - Fallout from supposed derogatory comments coming from President Donald Trump have been felt all around the country. Even in small town Robertsdale where Congressman Bradley Bryne held a town hall meeting today.

What should have been a discussion over immigration with the President has turned into a "distraction." That's Byrne's take on the why Democrats like Illinois Senator Dick Durban are pushing the envelope.

"Why would somebody go out and say the president said something like that. what's their purpose in saying that? we have serious work to do I know Senator Durban he and I have done work together and I have great respect for his ability. But he know darn well that when you go out and say that to the press when you get finished with a meeting like that, that that is going to be the story," said Byrne.

At the town hall meeting in Robertsdale Byrne said the funding bill before Congress should be the priority not immigration right now.

The President has denied making crude comments about Haiti and African countries, some at today's town hall say the President has a track record of speaking off the cuff and this doesn’t help.

"I've only heard it out of context so I can only say there's a method to his madness sometimes. I'm not just going to say some things he says are not offensive but he probably does need to watch his language a little bit," said

Michael Murphy who attended the town hall meeting.

"I think President Trump, he's saying the quiet part loud and the rest of the Republican party feels like yes of course but it's not surprising to me. I know no apology will come no nothing will come," said Web Whiting.

" It's a side show and we need to quit getting into these side shows," said Byrne.

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