Concerned residents call for answers after double murderer escapes from prison

(image: WPMI) Concerned residents call for answers after double murderer escapes from prison

Feeling left in the dark during a deadly situation, neighbors in the Leakesville community can’t understand how a double murderer escaped from prison in their back yard, scaling a fence in broad daylight to break free.

NBC 15 is holding the officials accountable for not keeping the bad guys inside of the prison.

Michael “Pretty Boy Floyd” Wilson was serving a life sentence for beating two people to death.

“You get to wondering if the prison is not safe for him to be held in,” nearby resident Earnest Jordan said.

Jordan lives in walking distance from the prison. He’s happy to hear the killer’s been caught after a three-day manhunt, but he wants more information moving forward.

“We all need to know if they are going to beef security,” Jordan said, adding “What are they going to do to make it safe around the prison?”

We asked the people in charge of keeping the bad guys secure only to get the run around.

We had three simple questions: First, how in the world did a man convicted of double murder could climb a fence in broad daylight without anyone seeing him?

Second,; Given this breach, will more security be added to this facility housing about 3,100 inmates?

Third, Why wasn’t this community notified immediately?

We first took our questions to the prison’s warden. The warden’s office had no comment, and pushed us to the Mississippi Department of Corrections’ communications office.

Communications officials with the D.O.C. denied our request for an interview and failed to offer details what so ever. They repeated the same response “this is an ongoing investigation.”

Now we’re back to square one: No answers and a double murderer back in the same facility from which he scaled a fence early afternoon—with no one noticing.

“I need answers though, everyone needs answers living in the community here,” Jordan said.

We asked for a time table for when this investigation may wrap up, and when community members can get some clarity.

No one with the D.O.C. would or could give us those answers at this time.

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