Cold snap causes delays for crawfish season


With the sudden cold snap recently, problems have risen in the seafood industry. Specifically for crawfish lovers, it is causing a delay to the start of the season.

Zach Dishman is the co-owner of Dishman Crawfish Farms in Beaumont, Texas. He has been in the mud bug business for close to five years. According to him, the perfect water temperature for crawfish is usually around 65 degrees. However, the cold weather is not something he was prepared for in the South.

"January is still pretty early. The last couple of years, we've had just a mild fall that led into a mild winter, and so crawfish have been more active," he said.

When the crawfish are difficult to farm, cities like Mobile are affected. Our crawfish typically comes from Texas or Louisiana. Local restaurants like R&R Seafood down on the Causeway are making sure they have enough crawfish to serve to their customers. Ana Brannan, an employee with R&R Seafood said, "We're very known for our crawfish and people love them, so when we don't have them people sometimes get mad too."

The good news for crawfish lovers though, because of the later start, there is a chance this season will be extended longer than last years. Crawfish season normally begins in late January or early February, and runs until late June, even early July.

R&R Seafood believes as soon as it warms up, this season will be a great one.

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