Infant found alone near Mobile Waffle House, mother found wandering naked arrested

(image: MPD) 23-year-old Myeisha Walker

A mother sits in jail Friday accused of putting her 7-month-old baby in harm's way.

Myeisha Walker is charged with reckless endangerment. Police say they found her baby at the Waffle House near the loop and found walker about a half a mile away naked and possibly under the influence.

NBC 15 went through the surveillance footage from the gas station a few doors down from the Waffle House.

At 3:27 a.m., video captures a man in a white sweatsuit walking along Government Street carrying a baby. He passes the gas pumps and heads into the Waffle House parking lot. After pacing the parking lot for a few seconds, the man heads inside the restaurant.

Ten minutes later, footage shows a police car pulls up to respond to a call for a 7-month-old boy found near the roadway.

“Just, oh my god,” a Waffle House employee said, sharing his reaction to the situation with NBC 15.

This Waffle House employee came in for his shift Friday morning and saw police cars covering the parking lot.

“It's not usual at all,” the employee said, adding “Nothing like that happens here, especially with a child.”

NBC 15 crews were on scene Friday morning where cameras captured the man who brought the baby inside speaking to police in the back of a patrol car after a waitress called 911. The man looks visibly upset, crying and wailing his arms. The man wasn’t arrested, only the baby's mother was.

Police say Walker, the baby’s mother, was found about a half a mile away on Dauphin Island Parkway naked.

Darrell Lary lives on Dauphin Island Parkway. He's shocked and saddened by the entire situation.

“It's crazy. You never would think that nothing like this would happen,” Lary said.

Police say DHR was contacted and the baby was transported to the hospital to be checked out.

NBC 15 has reached out to MPD and DHR for an update on the baby’s condition.

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