Child abuse victims testify in group home trial

Mobile county jurors heard from child abuse victims today in the Saving Youth Foundation case.

Three of the facilities operators are on trial right now in Mobile, charged with 14 counts of felony aggravated child abuse charges.

Jurors saw images of an isolation room today were investigators say teens would be locked for days at a time. all at the hands of the facilities owners.

John Young, William Knott, and Aleshia are accused of abusing teens at the Saving Youth Foundation in Mobile.

The facility was associated with the church Solid Rock Ministries.

Prosecutors say troubled teens were voluntarily sent there by parents all over the country.

Last year, the state removed 15 girls from their building on Sullivan Avenue and 21 boys from their Springhill Avenue location.

Investigators say they excessively used isolation, physical restraints, and extensive excerise as punishment.

Prichard police first investigated the operators of this facility five years ago, when it was called Restoration Youth Academy.

Testimony resumes tomorrow morning with more witnesses from the state.

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