Chickasaw residents take a stand against crime & start neighborhood watch

    Chickasaw residents take a stand against crime & start neighborhood watch (img: WPMI)

    After a rash of car break-ins and home burglaries, some who live in Chickasaw have created a neighborhood watch group to take a stand against crime.

    Making her daily rounds through neighborhoods in Chickasaw, Emily Hosey is keeping her eye out for anything suspicious.

    She says after a recent uptick in crime she decided to start a neighborhood watch.

    "I felt that it was getting out of hand and it came to where I was getting ready to sell my home and I decided no I'm not, I'm going to stand and I'm going to fight," Hosey said.

    So she went to the city and police to find out how to get started. Then she took to Facebook and the Nextdoor app.

    "I said hey I want to start this neighborhood watch, who's willing to do this with me," she said.

    For two and a half months now, Hosey and a team of about 15 people drive around or walk through neighborhoods each day.

    Wearing bright orange shirts, they call themselves the Chieftain Watch Patrol. Nancy Timmons is also a part of the group.

    "The police can't be everywhere," Timmons said. "We're the eyes and ears for Chickasaw Police Department. When we see something we call them."

    She says they don't try to make contact. They observe and take notes.

    "We don't try to apprehend anybody," Timmons said. "We don't try to approach anybody. We just let people know that we're there."

    Hosey says this may not scare off everyone who's trying to target her neighbors, but she hopes it makes a difference.

    "We are under no delusion that we are going to get rid of crime all together we're just hoping to help control it," she said.

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