Chickasaw police investigating report of child bitten by dog

    (image: MGN) Chickasaw police investigating report of child bitten by dog

    Chickasaw police are investigating a report of a child bitten by dogs on Geronimo Street that occurred on Saturday, Feb 2, 2019.

    NBC 15 investigated and went to Geronimo Street. We met the neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, who saved the child when she was bitten.

    The child, just 4 years old, was outside at about 8:30 p.m. when she went into her neighbor’s yard. Three Pitbull dogs were there, an adult named Rosie and her two puppies. The girl had played with those dogs before, but this time was at night and it was very dark. Something went wrong and the dogs reportedly attacked her. Her face has severe injuries and she required stitches on her head. The man who saved her and called 9-1-1 says she was in bad shape when he found her.

    He said to get the dogs back, all it took was shining a flashlight. Other neighbors said the pitbulls were not known to be aggressive dogs. The owners of the dogs had been out of town, it’s unclear for how long.

    The three dogs were taken to the pound and the owners were told it would cost $700 to have them returned; they were up to date on their rabies shots.

    Neighbors also told us they had seen the child exploring around her home and going to play with other dogs. She has a large dog of her own.

    Other people who live in the area say they want parents to remind children to be cautious around dogs even when they feel comfortable.

    Because the investigation is ongoing, police cannot make any further comments. However, police told NBC 15 that the young girl is doing much better.

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