CBD store opens in downtown Pensacola

CBD store opens in downtown Pensacola. (Source: WEAR-TV)

The use of cannabidiol oil, or C.B.D. oil is making its way into the mainstream, for people and pets.

Several local stores that only carry only C.B.D. products have opened in our area. One of the newer ones, Pure Health C.B.D. offers everything from C.B.D. infused chocolate to bath bombs.

Customer Kristin Releau is a big believer in C.B.D. She said, "I'm a disabled veteran and I have P.T.S.D. so I use it for anxiety predominantly." Releau keeps a C.B.D. lip balm in her pocket. "I suffer from silent panic attacks so most people don't know it's happening, they wont be able to visually see what's happening to me, just that something might be 'off,'" she explained.

When that happens, Releau applies her special balm and feels a light calming effect sooner than when she takes her prescription anti-anxiety pills.

Sacha Eli says he hears anecdotes like that all day, every day since he opened his "Pure Health C.B.D." shop which is not a medical marijuana dispensary.

His products also do not produce any kind of "high" and are all over-the-counter items.

Eli said customers are seeking and finding relief for many conditions. "They come in for help with Fibro, P.T.S.D., anxiety, sleep."

His shop feels and looks like a high end pharmacy. He purposefully doesn't carry anything associated with smoking regular marijuana.

He elaborated, "You'll find no bongs, no pipes, no rolling papers."

Eli said his customers are looking for a plant based approach to manage inflammation and pain. He continued, "I have some up in their eighties and nineties. The youngest I've had, nineteen to twenty years old."

No one under eighteen is allowed. That's a firm and fast rule Eli established. His exception, animals like ten-year-old "Maxwell".

The Siberian Husky started having problems with arthritis three years ago. Owner Krystal Ellsworth says his prescription meds were expensive and made him groggy.

A friend recommended she try C.B.D. oil for Maxwell. After some research, she tried a small amount of the oil made for pets.

Ellsworth smiled, "We put it on his food and the next day he was jumping around like a bunny."

Eli said he urges all of his clients to check with their doctor, or their pets' veterinarian before taking any kind of natural remedy like C.B.D. So far he said he's only had positive feedback.

He added, "You have all the health and healing properties but still have that clear mind. You don't want that head buzz."

Eli's shop is located at 410 East Wright Street in downtown Pensacola.

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