CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Couple threatens woman with gun at Mobile stoplight

    (image: WPMI) CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Couple threatens woman with gun at Mobile stoplight

    MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) - Caught on camera and exposed ,a woman is speaking exclusively to NBC 15, warning fellow drivers after a couple pulled a pistol on her at a busy stop light in Mobile.

    Tyra Jones has seen road rage before but nothing like what she experienced Saturday afternoon.

    "The whole time I’m thinking hopefully I get out of this okay and I get my sister out of this okay," Jones said.

    Jones was taking her 16-year-old sister to the mall for a back-to-school outfit.

    She exited I-65 and made it to the stoplight on Airport Boulevard when a couple in a black Toyota Camry pulled up next to her.

    "The Camry pulled on the side of me in the grass and the driver just started waving his gun and calling me names," Jones said, adding "his girlfriend or wife just kept asking me to get out of the car and fight her."

    She doesn't know what started it. Jones says she was driving the speed limit and that must have made the other driver angry.

    "You are waving a gun at me, that’s going to give me the impression you want to shoot me," Jones said, adding "If you want to shoot me, you have the intent to kill."

    Instead of fighting or escalating the situation, Jones kept her gun concealed and reached for her phone.

    "I thought to bring out my phone and I did let them know I have a weapon too," Jones said adding "If need be I will defend myself."

    However, it didn't come to that and the couple backed away after seeing her phone.

    Jones posted the encounter on social media hoping to warn other drivers.

    "It is a danger on the road and I know I’m more than likely not the only person they did like this," Jones said, adding "If you make an example out of one person, you won’t have to worry about that again, so hopefully they get found and apprehended."

    Jones said she is going to the police with the pictures she captured.

    MPD says threatening and pointing a gun at someone is a menacing charge, a misdemeanor.

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