Burris Farm Market reopened under original owner

(image: WPMI) Burris Farm Market to reopen under original owner


A local landmark in Baldwin County reopens December 11. Burris Farm Market located on Highway 59 in Loxley had been a staple for locals and travelers alike.

The market closed late last Summer after legal issues with the owners who had bought it from the original owner Greg Burris.

The Burris name is already on the front of the building, along with a lot of new paint, and a brand new roof on the building. The first thing you notice is the bright and shiny white paint throughout the building.

On Wednesday Greg Burris walked us through with pride, still not knowing exactly when he'll reopen next week, calling it a "soft opening" right before the holidays.

"We're going to go back to our roots. We are going to start planting. We've already planted strawberries and they are starting to bloom a little bit. It’s not a big crop but you know, you got to crawl before you can walk," said Burris.

Burris said investing again in the farm market and giving it new life only makes sense.

"It’s a good feeling. We have a son, Drew. He'll turn 30 in two days and he wants to, you know, he's always been here. He learned how to walk here, so we always thought that someday he might come back and run the business," said Burris.

Burris is already working with local farmers for produce and he's planted a new crop of strawberries and peaches on his farm right outside Daphne. He says getting the name back took some legal maneuvering after he sold it to the previous owners. He's just glad it all worked out in his favor.

Burris said he plans to have billboards guiding you to the new "Original Burris Farm Market."

"It’s kind of like a menu. People going down the road, they want to know what’s of interest, so it kind of advertises like a menu on what's available in town," said Burris.

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