Bullet lodged in VP's office chair in shooting at Mobile media building

(image: WPMI) Bullet lodged in VP's office chair in shooting at Mobile media building

" I'm glad I didn't work late Tuesday night!" says Steve Powers.

He’s vice president of programming of Mobile's iHeart Radio station group, anf the job keeps him hopping.

And when he gets a chance to sit down, he lands in his office chair, but sometime during the 4th of July holiday, a bullet landed there, too.

"You can see right up under here where it kind of lodged in the wood" he says, lifting up some ripped fabric to reveal a pea-sized dent in the wood beneath.

"I think there's a little fragment there they came and got... there's the hole right there."

"They" are detectives with the Mobile Police Department.

And what they want to know is, Who fired three shots into the iHeart Radio/NextStar TV complex at 555 Broadcast Drive?"

"I guess I just consider it a random act,” says Steve “but I don't know if it was intentional or not."

But Steve can't help but think it was.

At least three bullets hit the building, all in its two-story tall tinted windows, with two of them hitting the first floor where the NextStar TV stations are located.

The third went through the window on the second floor, through a wall, and stopped in the back of Steve's chair.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

How seriously are Mobile Police taking this incident? Well, VERY seriously.

In fact, they have one of their officers stationed outside the media complex, especially after this shooting comes on the heels of another at Bel Air Mall."

That shooting would have happened just hours before this one, triggered by an argument between two men. It ended with at least four shots fired, sending terrified shoppers running for exits and hiding in stores.


Police can compare the slugs and probably are.

But the bigger question for Steve Powers and the iHeart staff is Why?

"People get upset when we don't play their song, when they request them,” Steve says. “But I don't see it going that far.”

Talk, says Steve, gets more accomplished than guns.

"I think, even if you disagree with somebody, that's no reason to bring violence and guns into it. But if it's a conversation, then, by all means, let's have a conversation."

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