Daylight car break-ins outside of West Mobile gym

(IMAGE: WPMI) Broad daylight car break-ins outside of West Mobile gym

Crooks are smashing windows and looting cars in west Mobile in the middle of the day.

Locked cars, with tinted windows and in broad daylight, still became victims.

While Amanda Tillman and her friend went to work out at the West Mobile Planet Fitness Tuesday, crooks went to work stealing their purses, an iPad and about $200 in cash between the two victims.

“You know, we are right there at Airport Boulevard and University, you think of this as being a safe part of the city of Mobile,” Planet Fitness customer Mike Tabb said, adding “You never know when crime is going to strike.”

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office crime map shows two other car break-ins in the neighborhood this week.

Employees at the University Boulevard Planet Fitness tell NBC 15 this isn't the first car break in they've seen in the parking lot but they don't see it often.

“That's the world we live in, we have to be extra careful,” Planet Fitness customer Kiara Gamboa said, adding, “You have to put everything in the trunk.”

“I know that I definitely don't feel safe but I try to go to the gym earlier to avoid it,” Planet Fitness customer Ashley Griffin said.

Griffin works at the Planet Fitness in Tillman’s Corner. She says crooks broke into cars at that location too.

“It was about two weeks ago, I think it was the same situation,” Griffin said.

Tillman says she and her friend filed a police report and the crooks tried using their credit cards at Walmart and Target but it didn’t work.

Detectives are using surveillance footage from those locations to catch the crooks.

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