Brewton residents on edge as authorities seek escaped inmates in Escambia Co, AL

Brewton residents on edge as authorities seek escaped inmates in Escambia Co, AL

BREWTON, Ala. (WPMI) — Brewton residents are on edge as Escambia County, Alabama Sheriff’s deputies hunt for escaped work-release inmates.

Authorities said Christopher Ladale Pugh, 27, and Christopher Blake Moye, 27, escaped from the barracks at the Escambia County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

The news has left locals on edge and concerned for their safety.

Jewell Williams works at a produce stand just minutes from the sheriff's office.

"I was nervous all day. The first thing I did was run and lock the back door," said Williams.

Williams said she saw deputies out searching the roads in downtown Brewton.

"They were over here on this road and they had it blocked. I didn't know why and then customers started coming in and saying there were two escaped inmates," Williams said.

As deputies search throughout the county, other folks were also stunned to hear that fugitives were on the loose.

Matthew Coleman, reverend for a local church, said he hopes people stay aware.

"I think people should go in their homes and lock their doors. Watch the tv and listen to the news to find out if they capture the escapees or not," said Coleman.

Pugh was jailed for violation of probation, burglary, and receiving stolen property.

Moye was in jail for 3 counts of theft.

Although the crimes weren't violent, Williams is concerned what the men could do if they're desperate.

"There's no telling what they'll do. I'm thinking they're going to do whatever they can to stay out as long as they can," Williams said.

NBC 15 tried to reach the Escambia County, Alabama Sheriff's Office regarding the status of the manhunt. However, an employee said no one was available to provide information.

Be on the lookout, and if you see the men, contact law enforcement immediately.

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