BREAKING: High speed chase turns into manhunt

(image: WPMI) BREAKING: High speed chase turns into manhunt

A high speed chase turned manhunt in Mobile and we caught part of it on camera.

We picked up the chase just before 4 a.m. as police pursued what officers reported to be a stolen vehicle.

In fact, this chase would go on for more than 30 minutes, involving law enforcement from Mobile, the county, state troopers and even law enforcement from Mississippi.

The driver of the vehicle hit speed of 90 and beyond as he took the chase to I-65, Interstate 10, sometimes going the wrong way in traffic, making u-turns and even avoiding spike strips laid out by officers.

The chase eventually headed south toward Bayou la Batre.

Officers pursued a white male who was accused of multiple vehicle and residential burglaries.

He was also being pursued by multiple law enforcement agencies.

The chase came to an end when the driver wrecked on Ramsey Road near Nelson, but it didn't end there.

The chase turned into a manhunt as the driver fled on foot.

But within five minutes MPD had their man in custody.

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