Birmingham cop killer caught

    (IMAGE:WPMI)Birmingham cop killer caught

    New information tonight: an arrest has been made in the deadly shooting of a Birmingham police officer.

    Sergeant Wytasha Carter and another officer were shot January 13th while investigating car burglaries.

    Police say Jeremy Owens is the man who pulled the trigger, and he has an excessive crime sheet.

    Court records show Owens was convicted in 2012 for shooting a man during an armed robbery.

    Owens was sentenced to 20 years, with three years to serve in state prison followed by three years probation.

    The Jefferson county District Attorney's office filed a motion in 2018 to have Owens' bond and probation from his prison sentence revoked.

    Prosecutors said Owens was quote "a real and present danger to himself and the public at large."

    A month later, Carter and fellow Birmingham police officer Luke Allums were shot.

    Owens is charged with capital murder, among other charges.

    If convicted, Owens could face life in prison, or even the death penalty.

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