BCSO: Caretaker caused patient weight loss, severe bed sores

(Source: WPMI) Angela Butler

A Robertsdale caregiver is behind bars. Authorities said Angela Butler neglected and abused a disabled woman in her care. The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office said Butler's action cause severe weight loss and severe bed sores. Billie Jo Quintier,52, died Wednesday.

"It's a little bit nerve wracking," said neighbor Karie Ziska. "It makes you not trust caregivers."

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office and DHR are investigating.

"It was horrible to see, she was absolutely not cared for," said Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Major Anthony Lowery.

BCSO said Butler took care of Billie Jo Quintier, 52, for about six years. She was disabled and could not bathe or feed herself.

Monday, deputies found Quintier at Butler's home unconscious on the floor. She was taken to South Baldwin Regional Medical Center where she died Wednesday.

"Certainly the injuries are graphic, horrific. I'm sure they were extremely painful," said Major Lowery. "Our victim should have been at the hospital weeks ago."

According to BCSO, Quintier weighed about 65 to 70 pounds. She also suffered bed sores so large, her bones were exposed.

"I just hate that this incident happened and it just ended being a bad outcome," said Ziska.

After Quintier's husband died, Butler claims she stepped in to take care of her friend.

"What we're looking at now is to see what were her responsibilities?" said Major Lowery. "What, if anything, was meant for our victim that was diverted whether that be medication or money or any type of government healthcare, welfare."

Butler was charged and arrested for violating the Protection of Aged Adults and Adults with Disabilities Act.

It is a class c felony.

Assistant District Attorney Teresa Heinz said charges could be upgraded- to hold Butler responsible for the disabled woman's death.

"The facts of this case, it's bothersome," said ADA Teresa Heinz. "It's troublesome that someone was allowed to get to such a poor health position."

Major Lowery said the evidence will be presented to a grand jury. Angela Butler's bond has been set at $20,000.

Authorities are trying to find the victim's family members.

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