BBB: 12 scams to be aware of this holiday season

BBB: 12 scams to be aware of this holiday season.(Source: WEAR-TV)

We’re all familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas but how about the 12 Scams of Christmas?

The Better Business Bureau is issuing a warning on some of the most common scams it sees during the holidays.

1.Look-alike Websites:

You may find hot items at a discount on unusual sites that end up being fake.

2.Social media gift exchanges

3.The Grandparent Scam:

When someone pretends to be a grandchild in crisis and in need of cash.

4.Holiday job Scam:

Fake job listings asking for an application fee.

5.Free gift cards:

An attempt to get your personal information.


When a senders name is not apparent and you’re asked to provide personal information.

7.Fake shipping notifications:

Trying to get malware on your computer

8.Fake charities:

Carefully vet any donations you make

9.Letters to Santa:

An attempt to get information from unsuspecting parents.

10.Any purchase:

You make asking for unusual forms of payment like prepaid debit cards

11.Travel scams:

Some fake travel deals circulating online.

12.Puppy scams:

Buying pets online you can find yourself out of pocket or with a sick pet from a puppy mill.

“They don’t have a conscious they don’t care who they hurt,” BBB Pensacola Communications Director Tamie Ward said.

Ward says they keep track of reported scams through their BBB Scam Tracker system.

Through an interactive map you are able to report attempted or successful scams it shows where the scam is reported and the circumstances.

With that the BBB is able to investigate and hopefully prevent someone else from falling victim to it. So far this year more than 100 scams of various types have been reported in the Pensacola area.

To use the BBB Scam Tracker and file a report visit the BBB website at:

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