Baldwin County sees spike in KKK recruitment activity

(image: WPMI) Baldwin County sees spike in KKK recruitment activity

Fliers and business cards from Ku Klux Klan groups have been turning up in the Silverhill area of Baldwin County.

The fliers are undoubtedly disturbing to some, but police say the groups have not broken any laws.

The fliers and cards were first discovered at The Zone gas station on County Road 55.

The owners of the store want everyone to know that this was an isolated incident, and that in no way should anyone feel uncomfortable coming here. Police agree, saying they are taking the investigation seriously.

"We have very valuable customers that come in every day," said a store clerk who did not want to be identified. She says everyone should feel safe and that police have stepped up their patrols here. Besides, she says, you can’t let "hate" win.

The clerk says some of her customers have expressed concern and, in some cases, fear.

"They are scared and they are nervous, but I tell them that this store is a friendly, open store. We do not discriminate against any color and we do not believe in none of that KKK," said the clerk.

Police say the business is the "victim" here. Police believe whoever placed the fliers inside the store did so at random and that what happened here is not illegal.

"I spoke with my state and federal counterparts to make sure no laws were broken. They have the right ,whether we agree with them or not, to disperse that type of material as long as there are no threats made, and at this point no threats have been made," said Silverhill Police Chief Michael Taylor.

The fliers are basically recruitment post cards that say "The KKK Wants You" "Join Us Today" The group calls itself the" Church of the American Christian Knights."

"I don’t think they ought to be doing it. I mean it’s just going to cause more trouble than anything else," said David Long who lives in Silverhill.

" I haven’t heard of it, but yeah, it is surprising," said Kim Thorn.

"If it becomes where they are soliciting and we can identify who's soliciting, and they are in places where they are not supposed to be, they will be asked to leave and, of course, you would get into the criminal trespass, and if there's any threats ever made, it’s a whole level there too," said Taylor.

The groups on the fliers are from Mississippi and North Carolina. If you call a phone number listed on the flier, you get a voice recording.

Police say as far as they know no other businesses were targeted.


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