Baldwin County erects Confederate monument removed from Florida

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    Earlier this month a local group re-erected a confederate monument in Baldwin County that was taken down in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    Members of Fort Blakeley Camp 1864, Sons of Confederate Veterans tell NBC 15 news they were contacted about the monument and they thought the Confederate Rest Cemetery in Point Clear was the perfect place for it.

    The monument honors Confederate soldiers and was targeted by vandals while in West Palm before the city voted to have it removed in 2017.

    The group re-dedicated it on February 2nd in Baldwin County.

    The group added a stone marker explaining where the monument came from and listing the soldiers it was created in memory of.

    Some are okay with it.

    "I feel like it's a big mistake not to pay attention to history even though some of it was negative, I don't feel like we ought to try to remove monuments of any war," Doug Revere said.

    "I don't have a problem with it in general, but if they're going around and taking a monument that isn't historical to the area that's kind of silly," Laura Lee said.

    While others disagree with the decision.

    "I don't think they should have accepted it because we're trying to come together and that's not making us come together," Rhoda Jetson said.

    "I think it was probably a poor choice of things to do at this time," Bruce Renkert said.

    This is the second confederate monument to go up in Baldwin County within the past year.

    In June Camp 11 of the SCV dedicated a monument at Fort McDermott in Spanish Fort.

    Gov. Kay Ivey has signed a law that requires local government to get permission before moving historically significant monuments.

    Lawmakers say the law has no bearing on monuments relocated to Alabama from other states especially those on private property.

    The group says it is open to adding other confederate monuments to the Confederate Rest Cemetery.

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